Microsoft Exchange Role Requirement Calculator


Correctly sizing hardware for Microsoft Exchange Server is critical to a successful Exchange Server deployment. Configuring a system for optimum performance for Exchange involves complex calculations. To simplify this process and reduce errors, Exchange 2013 Server Role Requirements Calculator Microsoft supplies a tool to assist with the design of Exchange Server deployments. It now supports Exchange Server 2016 as well as Exchange Server 2013 deployments. Note that the recommendations for both versions are the same except for Processor recommendations for the later version, which have been increased slightly. It can be downloaded from TechNet. It is the official tool from Microsoft to help Exchange administrators and engineers size the Exchange solution. This tool simplifies the sizing process, which in turn can reduce human effort and errors.

The Exchange Server Role Requirements Calculator is a Microsoft Excel based tool that uses your input values to provide recommended design solutions. The Calculator has an Input worksheet where you enter information for determining the appropriate server, storage sizing, and configuration for Exchange deployments. The remaining worksheets show requirements and scenarios that the calculator determines based on the information entered on the Input worksheet. Each cell has a comment embedded that provides useful information about the content to be entered into the cell.